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To get rid of fleas and ticks on outdoor dogs just dust them with Sevin dust that you use on your lawn and gardens. It is great and it will not harm the dog or your yard!

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Folks the idiots advising people to not use 7 dust on pets are flat stupid...we ALWAYS used 7 dust in and around the bedding and put it on the dogs ill effects except the fleas were dead...all products now either from a vet or otc only feed the dang things...there is nothing including frontline that will control an infestation as if it did, they lose money...our dogs lived upto 16 years old using 7 dust, don't let these idiots tell you any different!!!

Jerry A. Holloway Sr.

Best old fashion way of killing fleas is a Lamp ( light ) above a bowl of soapy water ( Best in the middle of the room method ) the fleas jump to the heat signature of the light thinking it is a dog and can not swim or breathe in the soapy water.

Jerry A. Holloway Sr.

OH to add to the light ( About 6 to 8 inches above the bowl ) and bowl if soapy water make sure the bowl is wide ( at least 2 inches deep 8 inches wide ) enough to catch the fleas as they jump off the light. " "

Dane T. Schroyer

I absolutely freaked when my friend told me she put Sevin Dust (5\\%) directly onto her dog. Thank goodness it was only 5\\% strength; because out of all the contradicting advice regarding Sevin Dust one thing remained constant; anything stronger than 5\\% could kill your pet. Inundated with fleas, "Angel" is a miniature poodle, pekingese and schnauzer mix; and being of smaller breeds my worries were compounded. I did what most people do who have internet access; I googled it. I also drew on my 10 year's experience as a horticulturist in Florida where gardening is a year round endeavor; and the use of Sevin Dust is also perennial against insects like fire ants, saddleback caterpillars, and the brown recluse spider; all of who's bites can land you in the ER. Getting back on point; can Sevin Dust (5\\%) be harmful to your dog? The answer in inconclusive. The label warns keeping it away from humans and pets. Other vet sites say a light dusting on fur, keeping it away from eyes, ears nose and mouth, will do no harm; and is effective against fleas and ticks. There are some user comments that describe their pets dying merely being exposed to their neighbor's garden; and others praising how effective it's been without any problems. All I can say is consult your veterinarian. The size, breed and age of your pet will be the deciding factors. Also, if used, keep a close eye on your pet for adverse effects such as: excessive salivation, vomiting, pacing, fever, diarrhea, anorexia, depression, seizures, muscle weakness and tremors. Seeing all these possible side effects a trip to the vet or groomer for a simple, inexpensive flea dip seems a lot less worrisome, doesn't it?


Carbaryl is an ingredient in sevin dust that can act as a neuro-toxin to dogs. You risk it? You should be prepared for some hefty vet costs, and death of your dog. Or even the arm of the law. It clearly states on the pesticide to keep away from pets and keep pets away from treated aread why the F*** would you put it on your dog then?


Are you crazy?? That will kill your dog!


It is now 2017 some say it won't hurt your dog and some say it will who are you suppose to believe???


What in the heck makes you think you can apply 5\\% Sevin dust to veggies( even with a time lapse prior to harvesting) but it's not okay for pets? Been using it sparingly on my outdoor dogs for over 20 + years and no bad reaction or cancers yet...(knock on wood).As always though,thoroughly read the label prior to insure it doesn't specify not to apply it to animals

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