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To get rid of fleas and ticks on outdoor dogs just dust them with Sevin dust that you use on your lawn and gardens. It is great and it will not harm the dog or your yard!

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I bought sevin dust once.


When in your home, place a pan of dish soap water with a lamp hovering over it. Leave it on at night...the heat from the lamp will attract the fleas and they jump into the sudsy water. Will help maintain the problem while working on an over all solution.


Hi. I have used the sevin dust in the past and it DID NOT harm my dog nor my friends dog. The Sevin dust is a very dangerous product to humans and to domestic animal but there is a product that works great . It is "HAPPY JACK" and it comes in many different things such as shampoo, powder, vitamin supplement and many others. There is also "selsun" (selenium sulfide). These products are great for treating fleas and is good for your dog's coat. You can find the "HAPPY JACK" AT THE PET STORE and is very affective as long as you use it the correct way. No I'm not with any veterinary doctor nor am I with any pet store, I'm just a concerned pet owner and if you would like to contact me on this matter, you can.

Thank you



It's 2016 I'm just wondering if 7 dust Will hurt my cats n dogs I've done the salt vinegar Frontline u put on there spines dawn liquid soap flea collars nothing is working we trying to avoid bombing the house just a simple yes or no please will 7 dust hurt my 5 adult cats n 1 big dog n 1 little dog


I've personally used Sevin dust in my 1 bedroom apartment recently and it works! My dog has a terrible flea infestation and I have been working relentlessly to get rid of them. My grandmother told me about how she used Sevin dust twice before on different occasions and it worked for her. She said leave it down for 3-4 days and vacuum or sweep it up. I also purchased Raid Flea Fogger and Carpet spray. I sprayed my couch, chairs, and underneath my bed. I plan on placing my mattresses on a wall and put Sevin Dust underneath my bed as well since my dog loves to sleep there. When treating your home definitely find a place for your pet to stay for a couple of days so you can treat your home and pet separately. In another three days I will bomb my place again. I spray and vacuum daily and have yet to find a single, disgusting flea. Good luck to you all.



Use sevin dust


Well if you don't think it's going to harm your animals then why don't you put some in a saltshaker and put it on your food. They lick their self all the time. I would never put it on my animals. Just go to the vet and get the right stuff.

Rosey B

First you have to find the source!!! It will do no good unless you know where their bed is so u can start there and then work your way through the house.. u have to find out where and how they are getting in firat


Use Dawn liquid detergent. Put it in your hose end sprayer and work your way from the house ( on bushes and grass) out of the yard. When washing carpet add a little Dawn to the carpet cleaner. Put some in a spray bottle with water and spray anything with material. Flea's and eggs cannot live without their waxy surface coating. Wash your pets and add a little Dawn to wash them. Make sure you flip your furniture over and spray all surfaces. One flea can lay 1500 eggs. The egg can lay dormant for 5 years before hatching. So you need to be vigilant. Don't forget to do the flea and tick drops on the pets neck once a month. Put a flea collar in the vacuum bag and after you vacuum throw the bag away when you see flea's. You need to wash your bedding and clothing also. Spray window treatments.

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