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To get rid of fleas and ticks on outdoor dogs just dust them with Sevin dust that you use on your lawn and gardens. It is great and it will not harm the dog or your yard!

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I do not know if I can put Seven Dust on my dog bc it is a poison but watching you guys fight is funny. I have found Dawn hand soap works amazingly.


nematodes are the natural way to kill fleas and some other pest


I currently work with a fantastic veterinarian and have been with him and their group for about 7 years...I myself have less than 2 semesters of school left to become a veterinarian. Also, I grew up on my family's livestock farm and we also ran a smaller-medium sized dog resue and adoption center because her we said there were so many strays dumped and our community got together and every few months would raise money to help support the rescue. no I'm not saying I'm an expert but I do know quite a lot about generally most all animals livestock in particular and dog really in particular. you have to look at things a certain way, such as the Teflon cooking pans that we have all used for years now they cause cancer, and no dear god your water bottles going to give you cancer too,and let's not forget stuff like gum that had aspartame or sweeteners or anything that had aspartame in it....what was the ruling on that, I may have forgotten, oh wait no I didn't, oh was in my opinion we have always used Sevin dust on all of our outside animals big and small and used it on all our small to large dogs. so it really just boils down to this, or at least it is for me, I have given my dog frontline treatment and the pill for fleas and the pills make them horribly sick throwing up and a lot of my dogs have irritation and problems with their skin after those frontline treatments and stuff. the only reason I tried those was because people kept telling me Sevendust was not the way to go, do I do that my own little experiment and I'm happy to say I'm back to using Sevin dust, I don't have any animals that have any skin problems I have animals that don't have to scratch and be miserable cuz they don't have fleas, and from the same bottle I can treat the yard with a play so that the fleas there. All of that for a $6 5\\% bottle of seven dust powder. I don't think that people should put down other people's ways and make them feel bad about it just because u don't agree with them, because we are people and no matter how we say we don't we do listen to the opinions of others more than we should sometimes. So what may work best for you or what may not work best because your brothers girlfriends cousin sister said that Sevin dust didn't work for them and maybe that's why you don't think it works. It doesn't really matter to each his own, and after using this stuff for I don't even know how many years now and the fact that the veterinarians that I work for also encourage it. now tell me how you're ridiculously expensive frontline & advantix,etc can really compare to my $6.00 bottle of powder that can treat safely and successfully many dogs as well as killing many other insects, fleas and ticks among them in my yard...and like I was trying to point out at the beginning of my comment doesn't everyone realize by now that every almost every single product out there on the market from plastics to food additives,toys, oh and the color of paint and some toys evidently causes cancer or some other horrible something. so just that being said, really what is everybody bitching about cuz everyday we r all putting ourselves, our families, and our animals at risk for something that seems ,as far as most reports go,to happen inevitably whether it be cancer, some weird deformity,some nasty allergic reaction,the list goes on and on,....


I sprinkle regular ol table salt ( very cheap) all over my carpets let sit for a few hours then vacuum and repeat. Seems to do the trick killing fleas! Here in Fla. the fleas are relentless! Thank goodness salt is still inexpensive!


Ok so some people r saying use the Devin dust and some our saying not my neighbors gave us some and said they used it in their dogs all the time and it worked great... Well we hv two out side dogs and I need some help with what to use not some much for fleas but for ticks...HELP


Please make sure that children or pets are NOT around when you treat your home!

Years ago, our exterminator told me that....

Fleas eggs hatch every 3 days. So whatever you do, you need to repeat in 3 days!

Get a home spray that kills fleas, follow the directions.
Vacuum first, then spray all of the carpet and rugs.
Stay off of it til dry, specially CHILDREN AND PETS
Wait 24 hours before vacuuming AGAIN!!
Repeat process in 3 days.


'I am, by no means an authority of flea killing, but thanks to a really great exterminator this did work FOR ME. I hope it helps!!

The 3 DAY Repeat treatment Also got rid of them in our yard!!!

I had laminate flooring and was AFRAID TO PUT SPRAY ON IT BUT VACUUMING seemed to work!

Good luck!!

Jeanette from Bonne Terre Mo.!!

I myself use Diatomatiouse Earth (FOOD GRADE),!!!! Works really good .!! Pin fleas ,ants , Roaches, ETC.!!! To many to name.!! An is very safe.!!! (FOOD GRADE ONLY)


I used a 5% 7 dust powder on my 8.5 lb shih tzu. It made her sick for 2 days. It also did not get rid of all the fleas. Wash with Dawn dish soap. (Leave on for five minutes to kill live fleas then rinse all soap out.) Then spray with 50/50 water and applecidar vinigar. Much more natural and won't harm them. You may have to spray daily as eggs hatch. Also works for cats and kittens.


Dawn dish soap does kill fleas but it will also dry your pets skin out, causing them to scratch a lot. If you have the money get flea medication from your vet, (we use Nex Guard.) use 7dust in your yard & a spray inside your home. (I use home defense max.) from Lowes. Use everything as directed!! If you have A severe infestation of fleas in your home, you can bug bomb your home, (remember to follow the instructions.) when you're done bombing you can put a bowl of water and Dawn dish soap in the corners of your room. When the fleas jump in they drowned. (Please do not allow your pets to drink the water!) if keeping your pets away from the water is going to be a problem then do not put the water bowl down! Also fleas do hatch every 3days. Pets can be severely allergic to fleas. Causing oozing dermatitis spots where a cluster of fleas have bitten them, severe ear infections, hair loss, scratching, red or swollen eyes. Btw they are allergic to the flea saliva not the fleas actual body. Hope this helps someone. :)


In the 70's I used this on my dog and he was a labrador retriever. He lived to be 18 years old very old for the breed, and it was labeled as safe to use on dogs and cats at that time. It was also safe to use on your carpet as well. I did not use it on a regular basis. But there was a time the fleas were so bad in one room I did spread it on the carpet and then closed off the room and vacuumed several days later. No more fleas, I do not see that current products state they are acceptable to use on pets. And it appears that the pyrethrins are now stronger than in the past. Someone said to check the \% here.

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