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To get rid of fleas and ticks on outdoor dogs just dust them with Sevin dust that you use on your lawn and gardens. It is great and it will not harm the dog or your yard!

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Sevin actually is only designed to kill things with no kidneys, like insects. If your pet would ingest it, it would pass thru it's kidneys and be fine. As with all things, too much isn't a good idea, but a small pinch placed between their shoulders, much like Frontline and Advantix, kills fleas and ticks, just as well.


I do know you can buy seven dust in a bag. you can get it from ace hardware i just bought a bag today. I am someone who takes my dog to the vet for flea drops. But at this point i am willing to try it because the drops collars an dips are not seeming to work. And I hate seeing my dog dig so much because he is miserable from the fleas. And the vet supplies are not working. So I am going to try it an I will post my results.

Chris McLane

Don't let your opinion be obscured by poor information about a cat that died of an assumed poisoning. One would have to know of the cats health prior to the application and maybe even an autopsy to make a proper determination. Many people have been using SEVIN dust on dogs for many years without a problem. It should not be used on puppies, just as flea collars and other methods should not be used on puppies and kittens.

Even on healthy mature animals, some are weak by there own nature and could die as a result of exposure to many things just as humans are allergic to peanuts.

Knowledge is a privilege, wisdom only comes from what you choose to do with it.

Well informed

Seven dust is not owned by Scotts div. Bayer actually owns the active ingrediant in seven. Seven is owned by central garden and pet. There are bags still sold at walmart, tractor supply ace hardware and many other places. The dust does say you can use it on pets. Never used it but many old timers swear by it. 'like my grandfather'. Good luck with your battle against fleas.
By the way central is scotts biggest competitor.


I have used Seven Dust in my house every Summer when the fleas get bad,I put it down on the carpet like carpet fresh go to work and come home and sweep it up, I also learned from a Vet that Lemon Joy is the best to bathe your pets in, the fleas just run off into the water, sounds strange but it works and I guarantee you will not have another problem with Fleas.


One thing we do with our 5 dogs when we start having a flea problem is bath them in Head and Shoulders shampoo. It kills them on the dogs instantly. I think the key is to stay on top of the situation. Don't wait until it gets bad.


i do this three times does not work for me


As a veterinary assistant, this can kill your animals. What kind of person would put a poison that their animal when it directly says that if it comes in contact with your skin to call poison control

Torri aikens

I used sevin dust 2 days ago and came home last night to her having seizures no use of her back legs unresponsive and not breathing well. Took here to my vet he kept her over night just talked to him this morning and he said the carbaryl in the sevin dust is what harmed her. I Ask you all to not use this if you want to keep your pets.

Sevin dust

This is better than jerry springer! I've used sevin dust on all my dogs my vet told me to use it.a lite dusting once a week.wt the drops the flea bites the dog and dies with sevin dust fleas stay off your pet .thanks to my vet zero fleas.i also treat my yard with terminator.

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