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To get rid of fleas and ticks on outdoor dogs just dust them with Sevin dust that you use on your lawn and gardens. It is great and it will not harm the dog or your yard!

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we just used sevin dust.. at the suggestion of my brother who has never had problems with using it... but our cats had a bad reaction to it! they all got really sick, we thought they might die... not to mention the huge mess that putting that stuff on the carpet then vacuuming it up made! it was like a white dust storm in our house.. we had to dust everything we own.. and we STILL have fleas! not an infestation like we had, but we're still finding several fleas a day and having to deal with them. now we're laying salt down on the carpets each day (leave about an hour and vacuum), and vacuuming twice a day... also mopping the hardwood and tile floors with a lemon joy/lemon juice mixture... and use a sprayer with your garden hose with this solution: pick up a pouch of chewing tobacco and soak it in water for several hours then strain it into a garden sprayer. add some dish soap (we use lemon joy) and then add some RealLemon juice. spray your entire yard and up the trees with this and it will kill off fleas (also ants, spiders, etc.) you can wash your pet with the dish soap, but do a ring around their neck first, then work down their body, then carefully put some on the face with your finger last (to keep fleas from running to their face immediately). after they are dry, dip their brush in the RealLemon juice, shake off excess, and brush them thoroughly and let them air dry. we also used advantage on them finally, and it seems to have gotten the fleas off of them, but I think they are depositing more of them all over in the process... and they scratch like they have fleas but they don't when we check, so I think they are having some kind of mild reaction to the medicine. I'd recommend bathing/brushing often instead of putting medicine on them.


Advantage works the best if purchased from a vet. If you buy the stuff from a local pet super store its not as good for some odd reason. i put it on my dogs from april till october and i have never gotten a flea on my dogs. I live close to the beach also and we take our doge there to run atleast one a week. No Fleas!! As for the IDIOT who posted about putting Seven Dust on there animals. You can cause your pet to die. its an insectiside made for your yard not to be put in your house or on a pet. It states on the package to to breathe the dust while applying it, I am a landscaper and i wear a mask when i put down any chemical weater its fertilizers, insecticides, herbacides, or fungiscides. They are all bad for your health. Especially your pets. I personaly recomend that after applying any of the above to not let your pets on the area for atleast 24 to 48 hours. Wow Seven Dust for your PETS!!! You should be fined for that.


First of all, you shouldn't be calling anyone an IDIOT!!!!! The Sevin's Dust package does say you can lightly dust your pets and use it in your house on carpets to kill fleas. So maybe YOU need to read the package!


I have used sevin dust 5% FOREVER. My dogs are actually healthier because of it and the ones that have allergies from pests are flea and tick free and all looking better thn ever. If you read the label it does give instructions on pet use. Lightly dusting an animal will not harm them. I am slightly ashamed of some of these posts. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It is never fair to call names or be harsh with someone over whether they dust their pets or not. Don't you find this to be a persnal decision??? Anyway, before you beat eachother up, consider picking up a canister of the dust and reading the use for pets part. I do hesitat to use it on my cats-but, it does say it is safe, it is also non systemic and does not penetrate the skin. Meaning that it does not absorb into the skin.


The active ingredient in Sevin Dust is also the active ingredint in Advantage.


I have used sevin on most dogs i have ever owned. it kills the live fleas so in a week or 2 you are stuck again with the new hatch and have to redust. I have never repete NEVER seen an animal sick or die from having sevin rubbed on it. granted that might be a different story for the brain doctor who puts 4 lbs of the stuff on his a light dusting on your hands and rub into the fur, does not take much at all to work.


'Never powder your dog more than once a week and lightly dust then.' Are you friggin nuts?
Do not, people, dust your pet with Sevin. Anyone who says using Sevin for pets is good, is ig-nor-ant. Think about your animal ingesting the pesticide when it grooms itself, and think about when you pet them-it's on your hands. The person who said they and the animals are healthy and happy, blah blah blah, are oblivious to the toxicity of pesticides like Sevin , and furthermore are clueless to the potential long term risks. Uhhhhh can u say Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Cancer, etc. ????


We have used 7 dust for quite awhile and none of our dogs have gotten sick! we are talking at least 35 dogs..we ran a no kill shelter for awhile and all the dogs are in great shape! none of them ever got sick or died!

Foster Mom to Neglected Animals

To all you holier than though people calling others idiots, etc. for using Sevin Dust (a concentration make for dogs, by the way).

What do you think is in Frontline and and the other expensive drops - clover blossoms and honeysuckle? It's POISON!

The drops just have better marketing. I've never used Sevin Dust, but have used all the expensive drops. They work a little, but not worth the price and make my animals sick. One of my cat's died from them.

All of them are POISON just like Sevin Dust. So get off your high horses and educate your ignorant selves!

Foster Mom to Neglected Animals

Sorry for the previous typos (holier-than-thou, etc.) - I had, no surprise, and animal needing my attention and forgot to proofread.

I forgot to mention that I've tried diatomaceous earth, with good results in the kennels. It's non-toxic (it's NOT the kind used in swimming pools). You'll have to look it up as this site won't let me link.

It's also good for places in the home where the mess of powder won't be seen. I didn't like it for rubbing in the inside animal's fur - it's very fine powder, and very, very messy (leaves a huge cloud of dust & the animals fur all dusty). However ---

Diatomaceaous Earth cured a rescued dog I have of mange that we'd been treating with vet care and vet meds, daily, for over a year. The DE cured the mange in two weeks.

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