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I am 14 Years old and i have had stretch marks since i was 11 or 12 due to growth. I have them on my inner boobs.. and my calves.
I've been reading all these home remedy's but none of them seem to work for me or i didn't have any of the stuff that was listed. So i made my own. You will need..
1.Garnier Microbes cream scrub.
2.AcneFree toner (used as a lighter or bleacher)
3.Proclaim Natural 7 oil
(has peanut oil,castor seed oil, canola oil, olive oil, almond oil, wheat oil, sesame oil)I got it at Sallys beauty supply for under 10 dollars.
5.Coffee grain
6.Purpose moisturizer
7.Plastic cup and spoon

Step 1:
Heat up the Natural 7 oils by placing the bottle into a container filled with hot water..DO NOT PUT INTO THE MICROWAVE!!

Step 2: Get the plastic up and fill it up with about a centimeter thick of the oil.

Step 3: Put one spoon full of coffee grains and the 4 spoon fulls of sugar into the cup.

Step 4:Put in 3 squeezes the AcneFree toner.

Step 5: squeeze about a quarter size worth of the Garnier microbes cream scrub into the cup.

Step 6: Mix it all together until it becomes a scrub pasty material. If not thick enough add more sugar..If too thick at more oil.

Step 7: Rub on needed areas (where strech marks are) for about 5 minutes in a circular motion.

Step 8: Let it sit on problem area for about 20 minutes.

Step 9: Wash off with warm water.

Step 10: Apply moisturizer.

The first time i used this i saw a miraculous difference! Most of them where either faded or gone! I have used it for 2 days 2 times a day. So far it is amazing! I hope it works for you!!

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I'm gonna try this ASAP.
Nothing seems to work on me either.
I'm tired of wearing shorts at the beach because of my stretch marks. :s


I hope this works. I have them on my hips, im skinny so i dont know why i have them and i want to try this. Im only 13 my moms getting the stuff tonight! Thanks ;)


I have been unable to find the Garnier Microbes Cream scrub? where did you find it?


i dnt get proclaim and purpose products in india...can u give me anothr option fr it...please...


does this work for upcomeing marks?


did this work for anyone else?


do you use used coffee grounds?

archna dixit

what is purpose moisturizer?is there eny other option for garnier microbes cream scrub and acnefree toner?

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