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I read in a ladies magazine to rub fingernail polish remover with acetone on the rash. Back up with Calamine or Caladryl only if itches or stings which may happen if rash is open. I did this for my son while out of town one Saturday evening hoping it would hold him over until we got back to town on Monday to get a steroid shot from the doctor and by Monday his rash was almost gone.

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I don't know about fingernail polish REMOVER, but in no way in hell should you try fingernail POLISH! Oh my God! It SUCKS! It helps with the itch for about 5 hours but after that the itch is back and your stuck with POLISH all over you body...if your a man, that includes HAIR! It hurts to move...BIG TIME!

Melissa : -)

I used nail polish remover that is strait acetone, from a beauty supply store, you can get it at a pharmacy usually too, for removing acrylic nails, and it worked wonderfully, cooled immediatly, and no more itching, or red puffiness! Thanx for the tip!!

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