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I had a terrible case of dandruff and used every medicated shampoo available. Most worked for a while but then didn't, so I would go to the next one. Finally, even the most expensive one (Nizoral) didn't work as well and then I couldn't find it to buy, so I became desperate.

I read on another website that baby shampoo would return the scalp to the way it naturally is, and believe me I couldn't get some quickly enough. I promise that I have not seen one flake of dandruff since the first time I used the baby shampoo. I only used the Johnson & Johnson brand for a while, but finally decided to try a store brand, and it works just as well. I will NEVER be without baby shampoo again! It makes sense that something used on babies would really be what we should use for gentle cleaning.

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Do u use conditioner?


That used to happen to me cause i was relaly picky with my face. When i would pop a zit n it would make a scar the only thing i did was wash my face wit soap twice a day than after that put some acne on the spot cream. For me it went away 2 days. I hope this works for me

Sweet Pea

Wow, lucky you get rid of your dandruff that easy..

I'll try it on mine too.


Do you use conditioner?


does it really works


do u use conditioner?????


I use baby shampoo, it doesn't help with my dandruff. I use conditioner every once in a while.


Johnson & johnson just add a numbing agent to baby shampoo, so the whole 'no tears' thing isn't due to gentle ingredients, but more chemicals, which will only aggravate the scalp further. Great that it worked for your type of dandruff, but there aren't any ingredients in baby shampoo that cure dandruff. Apple cider vinegar has brought me relief.

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