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I tried vinegar, peroxide, alcohol, vodka and the warm cloth and none of them worked for me. I ended up taking a painkiller before bed and in the morning I was better. That should've been my first option. But I think it's different with everybody.

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I did the same thing No reason.pain help


that was the first thing I tried but to no avail - just kind of put it off for a couple days. now I'm sitting here looking at other remedies weighing my options on seeing a doc or not


You're supposed to drink the vodka, helps with my pain every time.


Alcohol.... are you retarded?


I'm sure one of those worked previously and maybe you didn't notice right away and took the pain killer, then when you woke you thought the pain killer did the job.


When you have an infection the tissue is inflamed. that will not go away in a matter of seconds. After killing the bacteria/fungus, virus, whatever caused the inflammation, THEN it has a chance to calm down. I'm betting that with or without the pain meds, you would have woken up better. However, if they helped you to sleep, that isn't going to hurt recovery either.

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