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Dena Lou

Ok, y'all won't believe all the things I've tried! We sprinkled our lawn w/ a 'Sevin' product. We have bathed our dogs in everything! Anything you bathe them in kills the fleas on contact (hartz dog shampoo, baby shampoo, anything). I believe it must not be killing the eggs. We fogged our house the same day we bathed the dogs in 'flea killer' shampoo...4 days ago. they are covered again! The fleas are still jumping on us from the carpet! This is driving me crazy! Everyone says dawn works, but surely it doesn't kill the eggs? we have been giving the dogs brewers yeast tablets for several weeks. We have used Pet Armour treatment you put on their back (same medicated ingredient as Frontline, which didn't work last time I used it either). All of these treatments have been over the last month! This is ridiculous! we are desperate! don't want to resort to spending $100 to get them flea dipped!

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Sooo...what is this organic dust called?


Sooo...what is this organic dust called?


Well for starters you have to treat your house, yard and pets all at the same time. If your problem is fleas you have to retreat 14 days later not 13 not 15 days later but 14 days this is because when you treat for fleas you kill the adults and the eggs but not the larva. In 14 days all of the larva has hatched but are not mature enough to breed and lay eggs. Frontline does work, the longer you use it the better it works. However, it is true that the flea or tick has to bite the animal first but once it bites it becomes sterile and can't reproduce. The best stuff I have found to use outside is called Hi Yield 38 plus. I spray my yard twice a year 14 days apart. I don't have to use the expensive chemicals on my pets I have 4 cats and 4 dogs. You can get that at Atwoods or your local lawn and garden store. Good luck


I too, am having a 'Flea Investation' So my way of trying to get rid of them was to give my pets (a cat and a golden retriever) a bath with the BLUE DAWN DISH SOAP 5 days BEFORE I gave them the Frontline Plus Medicine. Then to treat my house, my pets went out to my garage while the house is being treated, I first vaccumed EVERYTHING!!!! I mean baseboards, in the furniture, every crack or anywhere i could get the hose i vaccumed. Then I shampooed my ENTIRE carpets with the Bissel PET carpet cleaner. Waited for it to dry and vaccumed it all over again. I have been vaccuming everything every day for about a week now. I also washed ALL my bedding (Kids too) all my curtians, rugs, blankets basically anything that can be in the washer I washed (Make sure its HOT water too). So long story short, I went from counting about 10 fleas in one walk across a room to one-none. I will keep vaccuming everyday since the flea cycle is 14 days, and keep washing everything. GOOD LUCK!!


like you i tried lots of things salt, viniger sprays powders etc etc and the fleas go but come back, many chemicals are harmful to pets if you do some reaserch youll see,i have just bought electronic flea come but not much use. short of bathing my dogs and moving house same hour dont know what else to do, im bitten to death, iv had my dogs 10 years and never had a problem befor, but this is a nightmare...


Frontline works really well. All you have to do is apply it in one spot (they are little drop things) and wash your dogs three days after. It's $45 and comes with enough for 3 months. You may also want to treat your house, your dogs could have brought the little critters in.


My boyfriend and I have different houses so we kinda split our time between my house and his and our dog stays wherever we stay so needless to say both homes got crazy infested with fleas because for some reason when you aren't there for a few days it's like they overly multiply or something...anyway I did the Borax powder thing(vacumme, cover the carpets in borax, wait a few hours and vacumme up) and oddly enough it worked great at my house but it didn't work at all at his house. I don't know what the difference was because I did it exactlly the same in both houses. I'm going to try it again at his house and this time add the salt to it but like I said it worked for me in one house at Good Luck to everyone


Try this recipe, I am going to try it today! I read all the comments on it and they all said that it worked instantly!
So mix 2 tablespoons of salt (ground up fine), 4 tablespoons of baking soda, 1/2 cup vinegar, and 1/2 warm water. Mix that all up good, make sure that the baking soda and salt have dissolved some. And pour it into a spray bottle. Put your dog in a bath tub and spray your dog down until your dogs practically soaked! (or your bottles half empty) Let it sit 5-10 minutes then rinse with warm water. Spray it on again (using the other half of the bottle) and then let it sit another 5 minutes. Now rinse it off and then lather in some dawn dish detergent. Let it sit for at least 2 minutes. Rinse and put some conditioner in and rinse it off right after you have rubbed it in.
Hope this helps you! :)

Jaime D

I read thirteen pages of home remedies. I finally just grabbed a squirt bottle, filled it with straight pine sol, and started spraying my floors and beds. After my first spraying, I let it dry. Alot of the fleas are gone. I vacuumed, sprayed again, let it dry. OMG. There are hardly any fleas now. I LIGHTLY sprayed my dog and rubbed it in, and then gave her a bath. I have NO MORE FLEAS. Now I have to spray my yard. And something tells me pine sol is gonna be my new best friend.


Diatomateous Earth (spelled wrong) is the best thing I have found. Get the food grade.

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