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Dena Lou

Ok, y'all won't believe all the things I've tried! We sprinkled our lawn w/ a 'Sevin' product. We have bathed our dogs in everything! Anything you bathe them in kills the fleas on contact (hartz dog shampoo, baby shampoo, anything). I believe it must not be killing the eggs. We fogged our house the same day we bathed the dogs in 'flea killer' shampoo...4 days ago. they are covered again! The fleas are still jumping on us from the carpet! This is driving me crazy! Everyone says dawn works, but surely it doesn't kill the eggs? we have been giving the dogs brewers yeast tablets for several weeks. We have used Pet Armour treatment you put on their back (same medicated ingredient as Frontline, which didn't work last time I used it either). All of these treatments have been over the last month! This is ridiculous! we are desperate! don't want to resort to spending $100 to get them flea dipped!

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Your vet have pills you can give you dogs or cats the pills are a type of birthcontrol for fleas it keeps the flea from reproducing


the pills you get from the vet are $86 dollars a six month supply and dont kill the flea until after it bites the dog. it does stop the reproduction. at least that what i give my dog, TRIPHEXIS. i still see fleas and that stuff is expensive and only comes in 6 month supplies.


i had this similar problem before. It didnt matter what we did we could not get rid of them we actually fogged our house and used so many chemicals and shit to try and get rid of them that we accidentaly killed one of my cats because he had asthma..we tried all different things for months but could not get them out of the carpeting and felt like there were thousands of them. It resulted in getting rid of all of our pets which was horrible but we just didnt know what else to do. I think it was the type of flea..its expensive but you might have no choice but to go with a pest defence company and if that doesnt work you should get your money back or find out if they have a guarentee or something so if it doesnt you can get your money back but other than that i dont know.


if u have fleas in the carpet .. fast and easy way to get rid of them....
1. mayo jar lid
2. water to cover lid
3. dish soap
4. night light
turn lid over and put just enuff water to coat the bottom, put a few drops of dish soap in lid. plug in nite lite, turn on light when u go to bed, the light attracts the fleas. and they drown


You need to treat your environment. Fleas do not live on your pets, they get on the pets to feed.
Call a professional and treat your home. Have your pets boarded and bathed while the house is being treated.

Sue, Clermont FL

I am finding that the only thing that has worked for sure is a pill from the vet called COMFORTIS for a long lasting solution. I have used everything other remedy I read about but as much as I hate to say it, that has worked the best and longest. And after a while, I did not have to give my dogs any more pills and not a flea insight for years.


Ok, I have two dogs and one cat in my home. They all HAD fleas.first thing I did was washed them in the Original Palmolive Dish Washing Liquid (Green). Then I used Iodized Salt all through my Home. With the salt all you have to do is sprinkle it on all parts of your carpet and leave it on for 5-8 minutes and vacuum away the fleas and anything else that is living in your carpets. Salt actually suffocates the fleas and burns the eggs that have not hatched yet. Try this very inexpensive way and you will not be disappointed. ( Note to all, you MUST GET ALL OF THE CARPET, including under the furniture or it will not work cause the fleas will, excuse the pun, flee so they can breath, so please be sure to get the entire carpet for this to work) Thank you.


I did have in and outdoor cats that were treated for fleas and ticks, but still our house became infested with fleas. I had to use a fogger twice to get rid of them, which entails more time staying out of the house and I, for the second time, had to cover up the items that needed protection and set up the foggers again. Luckily, we live in a rural area and my cats are now outside deck cats and have good shelter, are treated for fleas and ticks (which is another story, and are watered and fed regulary. This has resolved my in house flea problem. The only drawback in feeding my cats on the deck is having birds get into their food and water dishes and then poop all over the deck. However, using a hose is easier than dealing with the fleas in the house.


I had same problem with the products u put on backs. I finally went to vet and they told me your pet should not b given a bath 3 days b4 or 3 days after treatment. The dirtier the dog better it works. I was giving my poor dogs flea baths then putting treatment on n just flushing money down the toilet. I use a organic dust now that can b used on beds, carpets, lawns and you can feed it to them for worms good stuff.


This isn't a home remedy, but Comfortis works wonders! It says to give to dogs 1 time every month, I used it once and haven't had to give it to my dog for a year!

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