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cimetadine. tagamet. it's fantastic, and you won't have heartburn either!

take 1 tab morn, noon, night. works wonders!

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i was pleased to hear there is a relief that will also provide relief for my chronic heaartburn... just need ot be careful it wont affect my ssri tablets.


This works, but you should not take it every day. Only when you feel an OB coming on. Then you should take 1 morning, noon and evening and 2 just before bed. When the OB is gone, continue taking 2 before bed for another 5 days. The safety of taking this medicine on a continuing, multiple, daily basis is not know. I addition to this, take at leat 400 UI of vitamin D3 daily, both during OB's and after. It has to be D3, not just D. Since my last round of Tagamet and after getting OB's about every six weeks, I am now more than 7 months OB free. Tagamet and D3 are lifesavers!

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