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Okay! So, I've been suffering from UTI's on and off since I was about 16. I'm now 21. If you have ever had a UTI (which, gonig by the fact that you're here, is highly likely!)you will know how horrible it is and how much of a miracle it is when you get relief. For all the other Aussie girls out there who suffer, I have found that if you don't want to use doctor prescribed medication, Uriclense works really well! It is a similar thing to Ural, except slightly more concentrated and it tastes SOOO much better! I find that disolving half of a tablet in water and then dissolving the other half directly on my tongue works the best! Dissolving the whole tablet in the water does work fine, but I find it's quicker relief if half is dissolved directly on the tongue. Uriclense works within half of an hour and the relief is amazing. I also reccomend drinking a couple of glasses of cranberry juice the same day and A LOT of water! The more water you put through your system, the quicker everything flushes out of your body.
In the past I have found that a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water works if you get on top of the symptoms immediately. But the big ticket winners are cranberry juice and water if you don't have access to a UTI treatment! (In the instance where the UTI treatment isn't an option, increase the couple of glasses of cranberry to about a litre)

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Where do you buy uriclense? I have.the exact same problem and I am your age! Glad im not alone on this one!


Thanks sooo much for the baking soda idea... It's 4.30am here and I don't have access to anything else right now! Worked amazingly!


What does the baking soda taste like? I'm scared it's just gonna make me sick haha! I find I always always develop these at night and I have found the connection- I don't drink enough. Never have done, but now they are getting boring. I do try to, it's just I don't get thirsty through the day, so forget I need to, as stupid as it sounds! I will try the baking soda I think, though I'm scared!


You can buy it at Woolworths for about $14. Each pack has 20 soluble tablets


CRANBERRY JUICE. PLEASE DON'T BE CONFUSED WITH OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRY JUICE ****COCKTAIL**** Cranberry juice COCKTAIL is more of a punch than juice. Cranberry juice will make your mouth pucker, cranberries being tart. Thats what you want.

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