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Hello... This is what finally provided relief for me. I used a few drops of tea tree oil in a bit of water, boiled it and hung my ear over the steam for about 20 mins, reheating as necessary. I then repeated the same thing, only now I chewed ice cubes while bent over the pot of steam. I could hear crackling. On a whim, I jerkedmy head up, and began to whip my head from side to side. Ear drained immediately, providing relief.

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tea tree oil has been known to cause deafness and should never be used near your ears.


Ok I agree, the steam works but I also took a drop of warm water and moistened the palm of my hand, formed a seal on my ear with my hand and the earwax came loose.


Thank you for the tea tree oil remedy. I used it in another way. I have very stubborn blocked ears that will not go away.
I had been reading so many forums on unclogging the inner ear. Finally I have success. This is how I did it. It must be done in this order.
1) drink plenty of water the whole morning.
2) Afternoon : boil 1 level tsp fenugreek seeds in 2 cups water for 15 minutes. Drink 1 cup of the water only.
3) Eat unripe/young papaya about half the size of your palm. I made a Thai papaya salad called 'Som Tam'. I ate it twice within a 2 hour period.
4) Line the front part of your nostril with tea tree oil using a cotton bud. I held the soaked tea tree cotton bud in the nostril and breath in and out.
5) I sat and slightly tilt my head backwards and to the side of the ear that is blocked.

Immediately, the draining occurred. The papaya and fenugreek helps to loosen the mucus. It is important that your body is fully hydrated.

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