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I suffered my first migraine at the age of six, I'm now 63 and counting. The majority of the attacks occur in the spring. I have the flashing lights, blind spots, nausea, terrible headache pain, inability to talk, facial numbness, etc, and was diagnosed at age 22 with 'classic' migraines.
My current 'treatment' does not stop the migraine, but has reduced the severity and length of the episode.
I use the nasal cleanse saline solution with very warm water to irrigate my sinus, typically two or more 8 oz. containers per side. I do this as soon as I notice any visual effects. This seems to help the nausea so I can take a couple of advil and keep them down. The attack will be over in a few hours instead of a couple of days!
This is the first treatment that has had any positive results for my symptoms - ever. I won't bore you with what I have tried, or how I arrived at this, but it is the only thing that has had a positive effect.
Hope this helps someone.

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