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I was suffering from being eaten alive by these chiggers I had bites all over my body they itched like crazy until ,I found pure acetone I put it on at 11:00 at night and I also took a benadryl. (you can find both at Walmart or the acetone at any place that sells nail polish) but when I woke up the itch was gone and these massive bites were now like well the size of freckles but still had little tiny bumbs from where the chigger (was) and also just for future reference do not use nail polish it kills them yes but it doesn't stop the frantic itching that you had before In fact it only makes it worse cause the polish irritates your skin.good luck to you on getting them cleared it's suck yes but you can do it. Ps if you have gold bond anti-itch cream that doesn't heal them but it stops the itching for a while. .___. - lol it's a whale.

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Buck in Burnet,Tx.

I build pasture fences in Texas. Chiggers are always in the grass. I quit having problems when I started wearing those fles collars around the tops of my boots...try it works and they last a long time


After a ton of research I learned chiggers do not sty on your skin. A bath or shower will remove them easily. I was also in a pasture in Texas and the flea collar idea is brilliant! I had more than 100 bites per ankle plus another 30 on my trunk and upper thighs. Three days after the incident occurred both my ankles swelled significantly and this continued for an additional 2 days. I was incredibly uncomfortable from both the itching and swelling plus I had some light headedness and nausea on the 3rd day when the reaction was at its peak. At home I had the most relief from hot Epsom salt and vinegar bathes. Benadryl cream offered the most relief and hydrocortisone cream or calydryl lotion offered some relief. Luckily or sadly I had a vacation planned 5 days after the exposure at the beach. The sea water offered the most relief and decreased the redness and itching the fastest. I am currently 10 days post exposure and I still have some redness and scabs but they are rarely itchy. It was awful!!

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