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I found out about this method through 'The Linden Method' for Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

Basically what you have to do is... Imagine that you are in the Most dreadful place that your Anxiety loves! Whether it be on a very unsafe plane with no working bathrooms! headed for God knows where?! or how long!? or maybe in an over crowded rock concert?! on a very hot day and you are crowded right in the center!.. As you do this and your anxiety comes over like a plague to say hello! ...Tell it that you want even More!! ask for More! Demand it!! .. According to Charles Linden, Anxiety if 'fear of fear'.. When you do as above, You no longer fear the Anxiety/Panic Attack, Your brain no longer lets the Anxiety manifest. The anxiety no longer has any fuel as Linden would say and you will begin to feel the Anxiety/Panic Attack to literally melt away!! The next time you are experiencing an Anxiety/Panic Attack just use this method as described. According to Linden, Most of his patients found that they only had to do this one time! that is how effective and powerful this method is! I can personally tell you that this has changed my life Drastically! I have my life Back!!

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Amazing! Thank you!


Right now I'm taking some meds and the anxiety has not hit as hard as it did at the beginning. I have only had the anxiety attack problem a few two weeks. Should I stop taking my meds to get the very nasty fear that I got when it started? So that I can use this method?


Hi, Adrian... I was on Lexapro and stopped for about a week or so just to test this linden method out and it really does work, It's funny how mental anxiety is... I say give it a try like I did! What do you have to lose?! Hope this helps! Chris.

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