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i love to excersize when im angry!! For me it totally helps me blow off steam! :)

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The trouble with this, though, is you're still angry. And I imagine, that you're angry more often.

What you've done is rewarded yourself with exercise for being angry. So your temper is on a shorter fuse, because your subconscious knows that you'll be exercising (Or exorcising >.> ) your angry self.

I'm not saying that you should stop exercising. I'm saying you should work out when you're calm.

When you do get angry you should remove yourself from the situation. Do a breathing exercise. Inhale deeply through your nose. Hold it for a second or two and exhale through your mouth. Do that 10 times. You will be calmer.

My experience? I have Bipolar Disorder. Anger and I have a very intimate relationship.

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