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i have about 5 broken teeth all with roots exposed... i went to the hospital and they gave me peniclin to help get the infection to go away but it didnt really help with the pain right away. so i went to my local cvs and got a mouth wash with poroxide in it. i heard that when u get teeth pulled it really helps with the pain. i followed the directions on the bottle and finaly some relief.. if you cant get to a cvs or any drug store try mixing poroxide and water swishing it in your mouth. (DO NOT SWOLLOW) for about a minute... it will take some time for the pain to go away but it really helped me. i hope everyones pain goes away. best of luck.

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I have about 10 teeth that r bad and 1 is abscessed and has pus pockets forming and a lot r broken so my ? Is how long were u pain free


Just fyi....if u do get teeth pulled do not use peroxide afterward to rinse!! It will destroy the clot needed to heal.

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