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It depends on how bad your acne is but if you ice the effected area for a little bit then apply toothpaste and let it sit over night it works wonders, the ice gets rid of the redness and the toothpaste has been known to work wonders. honey also works well if you have gel and not paste.

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julie ann

is there any specific toothpaste that I need to use?


Crest is the best


How quickly does this take to remove them?

Daren Honeysett

I Had acne for 12 years and it was A *** for me to get rid of the items I have listed on my site really helped me

Clear pores worked best



how long do u need to put the on?


can you use whitening tooth paste?


can you use whitening tooth paste ?


IT WORKED. My forhead was soo much clearer the next.......... i used crest whiting tooth paste

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