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I was having this tooth pain which was so bad that i felt i was also having heavy headache accompanying it. This was due to a molar tooth that needs to be extracted ASAP. It was 1 Am and I really feel exhausted already to go out and buy some pain relievers from the pharmacy. I don't have clove oil, lemon juice, or some of the other popular remedies, I also tried brushing then mouthwash then brushing again then mouthwash again to no avail. Then I saw this wonderful miraculous solution on top of my table. Bread. Yes folks, I started chewing wheat bread to a paste until it covered the hole on my tooth and after a while the pain is gone. I won't say that it will also work for you 100%, but it did for me, so you might as well try it out.

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If your teeth is half broke down and if one tooth is connected by another paining tooth so what will you do.


It worked for me. took like 65% off the pain. i got a whole piece of wheat bread and put it on my tooth. thanks for the solution.


oh my gosh thank you so much. this has helped me out so much!


Thats awesome thanks for tip never would have thought about trying bread


Bread is fine for intestinal issues but not for TEETH! Dentists explain that bread, pretzels, etc. are the worst thing to eat before bed since it sticks to the teeth & desolves into pure sugar which, of course, promotes decay. I'm looking for pain relief that will work but not worsen the condition. I'm sure you are too.

jeff jarrett

Dude thank you so effin much... mine was hurting so bad I was getting crazy thoughts in my head...

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