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Garlic is a miracle!!! I've had a yeast infection on and off for 4 consecutive months and could not for the life of me understand what was going on. I thought since they were going away on their on I didn't really need to do anything. But I got tired of being uncomfortable and feeling 'less than'. Yeast infections make you feel dirty and ashamed even though they are natural and typically harmless. I was fed up and needed relief.

I'm a person who rather use a natural home remedy than to use prescription drugs. So I went to the internet to find some possible solutions. Apple cider vinegar, though has great benefits, did not aid in my infection. I would draw a bath just as the suggestions stated, poured in the 1/4 of ACV and soaked but to no avail. So I figured I try something else. As I was about to try the yogurt method I saw an article about garlic. Not one person said it didn't work for them, not one, so I was eager.

I've had this particular bout for 4 days so I figure I would need a stronger dosage. I did what all the reviews said to do. I bought fresh garlic from the grocery store, a needle and thread. I peeled the garlic until the papery skin was removed, broke the clove in half, threaded the needle, pierced the clove and tied a knot to secure it on the thread. I inserted it in my vagina and YES it did burn a little. But it was a nice sensation considering the insatiable itch. Most reveiws said to do this before bed to avoid the garlic taste in your mouth but I needed relief so I did it mid-day while at work, lol.

When I got off of work I came home cleaned up and re-inserted another clove and kept it in until I woke up this morning. I feel great!!!! The swelling has gone down, the itch has completely disappeared and I feel like myself again. Thanks to all of your recommendations of this rememdy!

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i am wondering if this takes it away or just relieves it? i did the salt and acv.... burnt like hell worse than the yeast infection itself. how long does the relief las tfor? i have had urine infections but this is entirely different from what i have experienced. why? why do we have to have periods and sufer from uti and yi? not fair!!!

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