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I came on this website two days ago in search of something, anything that would make my toothache to away. I found that in my full 24 hours of discomfort very few things helped that I didn't notice on the site so I wanted to share.

First some background. My dentist recently told me that my 4 bottom molars (the teeth right before the wisdoms) needed to come out. They were rotten, gross and quite frankly the dentist was surprised that I wasnt in any pain. The 2 molars on the right side came out and hopefully I will be getting the other 2 removed today. Believe me when I say, they are far beyond repair of what the dentist could do.

A few days prior to my dentist appointment the far back molar on the left hand side started to hurt. I did the usual remedy (ibuprofen) to lackluster results. Relief came, but only for an hour at a time. After realizing that the ibuprofen wasn't working I took some hydrocodone (left over from another dental procedure) and that didn't work either. I knew at that point I was in trouble. The pain got progressively worse and ended up shooting from the base of my jaw to another tooth in my upper jaw. The pain got so bad that I considered going to an emergency room... I was literally in tears and shaking.

Although here I am today with far less pain and hopefully just hours away from having those teeth removed, hooray!

So here's a list of what I tried that worked but not long enough to really make a dent:
• ibuprofen, hydrocodone, aleve and migraine meds (I didn't take this all at once)
• biting down on a wet black tea bag
• making an aspirin paste and placing it in the broken tooth
• putting oragel into the broken tooth (in hopes of making it numb)
• heat and cold at the wrong time of day (I will come back to this)
• vanilla extract
• lemon juice
• warm salt water rinses (eventually this began to burn inside my jaw, which is when I knew there was a muh more serious problem)

Here's a list of temporary solutions that seemed to work better for me:
• oragel and hydrocodone paste placed on the broken tooth and gum (crush the hydrocodone pill and mix it with either liquid or paste oragel and place on the tooth with a CLEAN q tip or cotton ball)
• making hot black tea with vanilla and drinking it (the heat relaxed the tense muscles in my jaw and gum, the components in the black tea and vanilla numbed the tooth for quite some time)
• hot showers (this was by far the best thing for my mouth; not only did the heat from the water relax my muscles and ease the pain but the water pressure gave me something else to concentrate on)
• a little green inspiration (didn't make the pain go away but made it a lot easier to not care about it and it put me to sleep)
• cold packs during the day and hot packs at night (when I tried this the other way around it just didn't work and my jaw let me know that)
• icy hot on the hurting side of the face as close to the point of pain as possible (after I found the pain I made sure that whatever I did isolated just that pain and it made a world of difference)

What worked the best:
• being in a room with no fan or a/c unit running and relaxing in bed sitting straight up (obviously if you have a bad back you might not want to consider this but if you don't, this might be an alternative)

I think the reason the relaxation worked better was because there was no outside stimuli to that area of the mouth and therefore nothing for it to react to. When I sat straight up and concentrated on breathing deeply and falling asleep the pain all but disappeared and it seems that that technique worked during the morning hours as well. I hope I can keep this up in the dentist chair!

Just a note of caution: when your teeth hurt to the point of not being able to function, you should probably seek medical attention right away. Your teeth have ways of communicating to you if something is wrong, so you shouldnt ignore the signs and symptoms. In the end, it might be worse than just having you looked at in the beginning. The only reason I rode it out was because I had a dental appointment the next day.

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