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I used to do a mixture of 3/4 head and shoulders dandruff shampoo and 1/4 water (the straight shampoo was too powerful for my dog's skin so it was best to dillute it a little bit). The fleas would literally jump off into the water as I massaged it into his fur. Worked every time!

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Robert Hartley

I have used 'Head & Shoulders' anti-dandraft shampoo on my long-haired German Shepherd X Husky for years too. In the old days we all used 'Selsun Blue' as it was then the only anti-dandraft shampoo but it worked. Plus using Head & Shoulders works and smells a lot better than all of the heavy duty chemicals I have tried in the past such as 'Malawash' or 'Nucidol 200 EC'.

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