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I've struggled with depression for several years now;I don't want to go on medication because I'm young and I know my brain is still developing and my hormones still need a little time to balance out (I'm 19). There are a few practical things I do when I'm feeling down. Doing yoga or hard excercise (or both) usually helps tremendously. Preparing and eating a good natural meal with other people always makes me feel better too. But two things that are SO IMPORTANT are prayer and talking to people about it. Promise a friend that you will tell them when you're having suicidal or depressing thoughts (preferably someone who understands depression first hand) and talk to God. Diet and medication and excercise can always change but God is always listening and ready to hear what you have to say. You are never completely alone. Always remember that!

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Delore Giminez

Great. When I started reading Your post I thought You need a solution but by the end You have provided a solution by Yourself. I think Your experience would help people get out of depression for sure.


ha tell a friend i lost 4 friends cuse i came up saying I was depressed they ditched me for being to depressive and im talking about adult friends here.

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