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Kassie Godfrey

I suffer from extreme tooth pain regularly due to a family related generic issue. I've had 7 pulled and had to postpone the rest due to spinal cancer and various surgeries. As I take 3 7.5 Vicodin daily (along with other medicines) average ibuprofen pain killers do nothing for me. I've found that violently swooshing Scope Dual Blast mouthwash repeatedly every 30 minutes about 4-5 times begins to kill the exposed nerves allowing me to get the relief to sleep. As I am a smoker it is not good to smoke or eat during this time. It works for me and I wish you all luck as I feel your pain.

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I was in so much pain last night I woke up and took a goody powder which helped only enough for me to fall back to sleep and once I woke up I was in pain again and I wanted to scream and pullmy hair out so my friend brbrought me some 800 ibuprofen and it didn't really help at all so I gargled hot salt water and filled an empty bottle full of hot water and layed it on my cheek it helped
Ease the pain more but once I packed the exposed tooth with bread it instantly felt so much better so please try it it may help someone


You're crazy. You had cancer and you smoke? What the heck is wrong with you?

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