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if you have never had surgery on your ears, hole in your eardrum, and no recent pain/drainage: put a couple drops of mineral oil or baby oil for a couple nights, then use a bulb syringe to gentle squeeze in a mixture with equal parts of hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and water (not hot) water. Do two rounds on one side then move to the other side and then let each side sit for a couple minutes then proceed again. This can be done about once a month if you produce a lot of wax. Other than that routine, allow the shower water run in your ears in the shower. Pull the ear up and back, let the water run into the ear canal for about 5 seconds on each side (might cause some dizziness if you do it for much longer), then after the shower use a tissue or the towel to wipe your ears and to help sop up the water in the ear; DO NOT USE Q TIPS IN YOUR EAR CANALS! It pushes more wax in than it gets out, and next time you reach for q-tips look at the warning on the side of the box which says 'not for use in ear canal'

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