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I was diagnosed with a fibroid the size of a grape fruit
after research i found they lived on hormones from meat and milk for 6 months i gave up meat and milk got retested and it was gone!!!!!!
Beats surgery!

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Having a fibroid is NOT the same as having fibromyalgia. This entry about someone who had a fibroid was the only result listed when searching for fibromyalgia cure(s).


A Frybroid is not the same as having Frybromyalga..... The pain is in your entire body, and you will never ever get completely rid of the pain. But you can get some relief...


I was diagnosed with a fibroid 3 years a go. in my researd i found out the same thing about beef and dairy. I now have very little if any at all during a week. The fibroid is still the same size but also have avoided surgery. That's great that yours is totally gone.


I have both fibromyalgia and fibroids (as well as several other conditions that are not relavant to this post so I won't mention them). So even though you accidentally posted this comment in the wrong place, I still found your tip helpful. Thank you.

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