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If you have a fever put a few slices of onion in your socks then slip them on. The onion will draw the fever out.

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liza G Mtz


My daughter has had fever for the past 2 days. On and off. Took her to the emergency on Sunday, when doctors told me she has a stomach virus and will need to be put on antibiotics. He told me to get Tylenol or Motrin for the fever. I got both and alternate but the fever never went down. I was desperate to find a cure and I took my mother in law crazy advice and i cut onion and but some into her socks and within an hour her fever was gone from 103 to a 92.6 Having fever for three days on and off she has now been without fever for 4 hours now and hope it stays like this!! It's truly amazing what onion can do.


Yes, my grandmother and mother always would cut an onion in half then slide inside the bottom of my socks against the bottom of my feet, to hold the onion in place. Whenever I woke up the next morning the room always smelled like cooked onions but the fever would be gone. Years later 1 of my sons started having gran mal seizures, therefore, I always had to try to break the fever ASAP, however, once he got really sick and we could get the fever to but it kept coming back after about 2 hours. I spent all day rotating Tylenol and motorin, alcohol baths cold compresses, even a trip to the hospital. Then I remembered the onion trick. It was just like the onion pulled the fever out of his body and the onion was cooked. They are also good for earache's. I combine a clove of garlic, a few slices of onion with about 2 oz. Olive oil and let them simmer on low for a few minutes. Let it cool down to room temperature then stained it into a little bottle. Put a few drops into the ear and place a cotton ball gently into the ear (not deep in the canal though). The olive oil soothes the ache, while the onion and garlic have natural antibiodies that helps fight the infection.

Sissi A.

My daughter was 3 yrs old and had 104 degree fever by the time we got to the Emergency Room. The doctors said she had Scarlett Fever even though she was vaccinated. The ER Doctor told me to put onion slices on the bottom of her feet to draw the fever out when we got home because the usual Tylenol and Advil was barely working. I had nothing to lose so we tried it. I could not believe an ER doctor was telling me this!! A fever of 103 degrees was completely gone in 20 minutes!! He said to cut a slice of onion 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick, tie it to the bottom of the foot in the middle with string or something (we used a shoe string) and then slip a sock on to help hold the onion in place. The purpose of the sock was to help hold on the onion and trap the heat. The onion was dried up completely when we took it off. My daughter is 19 now and still does this when she has a fever for any reason. I promise you, it works!


My daughter suffer from febrile seizurs too everytime she have a temperature an someone told me to soak 4 piece of cloth in rubbing alcohol then wrap onion in them an tie it on her arms an legs it will draw out the fever am doing it right now

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