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If you have a fever put a few slices of onion in your socks then slip them on. The onion will draw the fever out.

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Ex Mrs. Starr

My mother in law told me this 20 years ago when my son had a high fever. I thought she was crazy but it actually worked! I found out later that onions can be used to detox the body so that may be the key.


I gave this a try and WOW!!!! IT worked....FAST!!!! Thank You :)


wat do u mean by slip them on....
plz tell


My 19 yr. old son had a fever of 101.6. My sister told me to put onion slices in his socks when he goes to bed. When he woke up I took his temperature and it was reduced to 98.2. He looked and felt better. The whites of his eyes were completely clear. What an awesome remedy.


My boyfriend slept with it on overnight and had no fever the next day. He said he could feel the fever traveling down to his feet.


Slip on means put them on your feet..


My granny did this to me when I was about 10 and had the flu. temp of 103. Onions were cooked in my socks by the fever within 2hrs and I had no more fever


My family has been using this trick for generations! People laugh or think it's odd (which, of course, it is. lol) until they try it. Then they're amazed.


Trying now my 2 year old suffers from febrile seizures and she's at 103.9 fever right now praying this works

Worried mom

My 11month old has a103.7 fever . Just sent my husband out to get an onion. Let you know out come.

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