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to cure any disease do just three things:
1.Do pranayam.
2.Do dhyan yog(meditation)
3.Read power of subconcious by joseph murphy.

i have suggeested to do these three things,coz as we know there is only one healing power which is in everyone's body that inner divinity.
dhyan yog helps in connecting to that inner divinty.
pranayam helps in distribution of healing power through whole body from that inner divinity
and in the book stated above you'll get to know how this divinity works and the necessary working basis.
Apply these things n see the miracle happen in your life.Good luck..!!!

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If you want to be cured of any disease...

1. pranayam.
2.dhyan yog(meditation)
3.reading the power of subconcious by joseph murphy.

Pray. Ask in the name Jesus to bring wisdom on how to cure the disease. He is the healer.
Also, take your medicine! As directed! Come on people God also gave us doctors while we are in the progress of healing. Don't be ignorant.




This website I found have some good info on it. The Essential Oils page has a lot of information on cures.


This is the most rediculous thing I've ever seen. I'd like to see you use this if you get cancer or some other horiffic disease. Inner divinity my arse there is no divinity in Human civilisation we're all selfish hrorrible beings, there are just some people who choose not to accept that and like to shove their fairy tale beliefs into the faces of others.


Haters ^


Why do you laugh at this man for his realistic views? To the man that said, 'Don't, be stupid and take your medicine.' Yes lets get on that, spending fortunes on medicine. When we could do a little research and find out possible ways with our resources to help ourselfs. Oh I'm sorry that society has taught you that you must go to the doctore in order to live well.


Wake up people! All healing is in your inner self. To the person encouraging people to take medicine, why would you want to take the synthetic form of whats naturally available to you. The part people don.t want to do is the research. Too lazy to read


Wisdom is about as wise as a bag of rocks. This IS the best cure that you could ever ask for. Because it allows you to realize that, you had the cure with you all along.

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