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Im a 22 year old male i found out i got genital warts last year in september i was horrified and completely stressed about it. i had only 5 partners. i tried every type of cure. the main cure that helped me was acv and my prayers to God i truly believe he healed me from this stubborn virus and from now on i am staying abstinent from sex till i find my true love. i had GW for 8 months the worst things u can do to make it spread is: smoking, drinking, stress, and not not keeping your private part clean and dry warts like to live in moist environments.

best of luck to everyone and remember faith in God and prayer will heal you. i guarantee it:)

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Amen. say a prayer for me too. i also believe in God the healer of all diseases.


Hi how did you apply the acv? Just on pubic region? Penis shaft? Penis head?

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