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Placing a tea bag on the tooth and area around it works wonders. I had been in so much pain until I tried this.

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Just read tooth pain relief from a tea bag. A few years back, they used to have a product called Polaris pads. It was a small pad that resembled a mini ravioli and contained herbs of some kind. When placed under hot water and put next to the problem tooth it soothed the area and limited the pain. THey must have stopped making it and I sure do miss it. THe taste was not too good, but the results were were excellent.


What kind of tea bag should I use??
Regular, herbal??
Is regular lipton ok??
Should it be boiled out, wet, or dry???


Lipton black tea it's the best one due to the highest amount of tannic acid. Unwrap from packaging, put in mouth and swish a liquid to get it wet.

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