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(If you only want to read what I do for GERD, Please skip to where you see the text surrounded by >> and <<. The rest is what my symptoms were, and story, etc.)
SO, someone in my family actually got a surgery done, that keeps the esophagus to stomach sphincter closed so food can't come up and out.

But, I don't want surgery, and not many people do. I used to get up at 2 AM every day to every other day puking for what seemed like hours. We went to the doctor after a few weeks of this going on, but the doctor said just to take tums before I go to bed or when I wake up before I feel like puking. That didn't work for me, unless I had a minor stomach ache during the day.
So one day, I was at a family friend house, and my mother left to go out, and I stayed with one of her older friends and ate some hot dogs with ketchup just before bed. I woke up at around 11 PM puking up hot dog and ketchup. So when we realized I ate just before bed, we came up with a little system that seemed to work:
>>I avoid any meat or food with tomato 2 hours before I go to sleep. (Foods like hot dogs, ketchup, ravioli, etc.) Those foods were the kinds that would get me up at 2 AM to go puke.
When I go to bed, I lay on my back, sitting upright, so the food doesn't leak into my esophagus. That seemed to stop my puking.<<
Untill 5th grade. I started puking every once and a while again, and this time with breathing troubles. Not when I was puking, but random times during the day, on my left side of my chest, just under my breast I could feel as if there was a bubble in my lung. It wouldn't let me breathe in or out very much unless I popped it. Sometimes I could breathe comfortably when it was there, other times I had short shallow breaths. But the thing is, when I popped it, I got very, VERY painful heartburn, especially while eating or laying down. I never really found a cure for this, and I still suffer from this, but very rarely does it occur.

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Same thing happened to me when I was younger.... and then ...... 2001 when I was 25 I started puking so bad at random times after food that I went to the er... know what it was? Gall stones! Lots of them. Removed it and now I'm good. Happens every now and then tonight but nothing on the scale it used to be


I have similar issues and have just learned to deal with them over the years. One of the first things they said it was - gallstones or sludge in the gallbladder. Wasn't but it was my husband's issue later so it's a good one to check.

But my ENT got upset when I mentioned it back in December and told me to get to my primary care doctor immediately that this type of thing could case cancer of the esophagus. He referred me to a gastro doctor who did the scope thingy. Come to find out I have eosinophilic esphogitis. They just dialated my esphagus, keep me on proton pump inhibitors, and gave me an inhaler (steroid but I can't remember the name - a little expensive and no generic)that you only use for the first month or so. I had one of the worst episodes ever a week or two after the procedure but after about 6 weeks, haven't had any issues. So you might have them check it. They can usually see the ridges in the esphogus near the stomach but they also do a biopsy to confirm it.


The 'bubble' you 'popped' was actually an esophageal spasm. Very painful. That's why the heartburn got so bad after you 'popped' it. People actually think they're having a heart attack. I've suffered with reflux for years, failed all the medications, even had the fundoplication surgery. Decided I'm done with the meds since PPI's leach calcium out of your bones and I have osteoporosis. Trying natural remedies instead. So far, the licorice tablets seem to be helping, but will need to add other options to get complete relief.

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