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If you're sick with a cold, or maybe even the flu, I have a few remedy's my family and friends have shared with me:

1) Onion. Before you go to bed, put an onion on your nightstand, and the bacteria will work towards it. In the morning, the onion should look rotten, or dark.
2) Make toast, (Most people like this in the morning, but I myself love me some toast any time :P) chop up some garlic, and put it on your toast. Eating the garlic should help with your cold.
3)Everybody knows this old one; rubbing Vicks on your chest and/or feet before you go to bed. This should help your cold and sinuses.
4)This is more towards allergies, but having a teaspoon of honey can help clear you sinuses (Well it has for me, at least) even when it's not allergy season.
5) I'm not sure if this is a technical remedy, or just a coincidence. But I had a cold, and when I got home from a relatives house at about 6:30 PM, I went to take a nap. It was summer during the time, and I had the chills, so I covered up in my thick comforter. I woke up at 9 that same night, and I was sweating like a pig! I didn't feel sick after that nap, and everybody says I just 'sweated' it out.
6)Vitamin D. I'm not sure myself, what about it that makes me feel better, but I take vitamin D pills (even when I'm not sick) when I'm sick,and that helps a bit.

Okay, that's all I will type for now(: Hope this helps!

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when you place the onion on the nightstand do you peel it or leave the skin on? Thanx Catherine

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