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This is usually caused by playing outside. Simply take a snippet of the childs hair and shred it into a glass of milk, water, juice, etc then have them drink it. Because hair doesn't digest, the hair literally slices the worms and then they are pooped out. The works well with mild constipation of children too.

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Your body cannot digest hair at all. Never eat it. I mean seriously, stomach acid and digestive enzymes won't kill the worm but human hair guided by peristalsis will somehow act as a ninja sword. Really consider what is being claimed here.

Stan Marsh

My god...

You people are really stupid, aren't you?

If your kid has worms coming out it's ass please take them to the hospital before their parasitic infection kills them O-o

Come on, America. Use your head.


I dont think this person is is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time.GO TO THE DOCTOR.Save the child the agony of drinking hair.A good laugh for the day.


If this were true then how come animals are always getting worms when they eat their hair all the time? This remedy is actually very dangerous! You can end up getting a build up of hair in your intestine and even strangle them cutting off the blood supply. Plus it's a choking hazard especially to the young and old. Do not try this one!


If this were true then animals would never get worms because they ingest hair all day long.


You shouldn't be writting such hideous stuff,some people are quite desperate & can't afford to go to hospital.


As harmless as it may seem, a child eating their hair can lead to serious digestive issues. There is one situation where it may be worthwhile and necessary to try medication for hair pulling child; if your child is eating her hair. If so, you should immediately take her to her doctor. It is not digestible and after eating hair for long periods of time, the undigested hair might eventually develop into a “trichobezoar,” a hairball, which could ultimately require emergency surgery.


Here is a way to cure pin worms given to me by a nurse in a doctors office. Each night coat the rectum and surrounding area with vaseline. The worms cannot crawl out through this to lay their eggs and so they will die. This worked for my family.


Oh my God! Is this serious, or some sort of joke? It doesn't seem like a joke... Did anyone else notice that another poster had said this:

'Submitted at 2009-05-18 11:42:47
I just got my nan to try this and she chocked on her hair, Well the hair was mine she has got none. <b>Any ways, whats a home remedy to make some one breath again</b>, please tell me, papa will be back home soon' (emphasis mine)

You might have killed someone with this advice! Do not eat your hair! If you don't choke first, you might develop a trichobezoar:

(Please read that wikipedia article. A trichobezoar is a giant hairball that blocks the intestinal track. This is a real thing that people can and have died from!)


This is not good also has the ability to take root and start growing within the intestine. This is an incurable situation. Stick with the known herbs and plants.

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