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This is usually caused by playing outside. Simply take a snippet of the childs hair and shred it into a glass of milk, water, juice, etc then have them drink it. Because hair doesn't digest, the hair literally slices the worms and then they are pooped out. The works well with mild constipation of children too.

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That's the most ridiculous advice I've ever heard, you've got to be kidding... I hope no one was stupid enough to believe that remedy would work.


I agree that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of do not do this please and to whomever wrote it shame on you !!!!!!!!!!!


Is this a normal remedy or some sort of witch thing?


It's some sort of witch thing and YES it works! It's been used for years upon years! It may not sound like something you would want to do but stop and think for a moment....what kind of chemicals are you pumping into your child or yourself with all the medications you take from doctors.....then 5-10 years later...oops it causes this...or oops it may have caused that. Would it really hurt to give it a try?

Submitted the rem.

THANK YOU Heather! This a true proven remedy. Of course the Drs will say it is a bunch of whooie, because then you won't spend the $90 for them to tell you to put this in your kid and that. And it is HAIR whats the worse that can happen???your kid poops out hair!
Try IT the next time you are'll see it works wonders.


im actualyy going to try it just to see if it works =]

LaRaine Raven

I just tried it...we'll see how it works...Thanks!


i dont think i could drink hair i know how it feels when i get mine in my mouth i think its nasty but the doctors will tell you to eat bananas the patasim in the bananas kill the worms and the child will poop them out


I just got my nan to try this and she chocked on her hair, Well the hair was mine she has got none. Any ways, whats a home remedy to make some one breath again, please tell me, papa will be back home soon


thanks for the late night entertainment! Am going for the torch (scary), followed by breakfast of banana muffins (I wonder if you can put chopped hair in banana muffins...)

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