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Good Afternoon!
I've been diagnosed with HPV 8 Months ago, at First I went to my gyn and had them cauterize, they were gone! after 1 month they were back again even more than before, checked with my doctor and he did not gave me any solution at all!! I tried ACV on my pubic area and after 3 days, they were gone I was so happy I thought finally I was going to be able to move on with my life, after that I found out I had them inside of my vagina and on my anus... I've been hesitating if I should put ACV inside, I would Appreciate getting any feedback on people they did and what were the outcomes!! Thanks!!

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You can put it inside but it does burn. Best way to do it is on a cotton ball or a tampon soaked in ACV will work better. I was devastated when I discovered mine, but the ACV works wonders! I also alternate it with tea tree oil and Vitamin E oil. Don't get discouraged, it can take a week or two for them to completely go away. The tea tea oil and vitamin e oil will also help soothe the burning from the ACV. Hope this helps! Anything is worth a try to get rid of them and the annoying itching!


hey i also had an outbreak of them inside of my anus. ACV douching does a great job in taking care of these internal warts. the trick is to not use too much, you must dilute it and be consistent. I use about 2 tablespoons worth, diluted into about 2 cups water. i put that into a squirt bottle and hold it in my anus for at least 10 mins. do this once a will have a laxative effect so choose a good time to do it. i am sure it will be just as safe using inside of the vagina. i really hope this helps!

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