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Martin Hoyle Drye

Fingernail Polish does in fact work! I know from experience. If you think fingernail Polish doesn't work, you must be SOME kind of a nut because it does. I would get chiggers as a kid when picking blackberries and it was murder. They would bite me behind my knees, groin and underarms and I discovered that fingernail Polish extinguished the itching.

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Finger nail polish does not work. I currently have almost 20 chigger bites and I have covered them in clear finger nail polish. It may kill them, but I am still itching like crazy. So you, my friend, must be a nut. ;)


I have to agree it will not work, going to try the remover tonight.


Ditto. I guess were all nuts. I just put fingernail polish on mine this a.m. Nothing. Still itches like crazy. I too will try the 100 % acetone remover tonight. I think that is what it is supposed to be anyway. Fingernail polish remover. Someone just left remover off and so people started putting polish on them due to bad information, I guess.


If nail polish doesn't work it is not a chigger bite! You can be sure of that!

M in Arizona

My husband & I both had chigger bites for the first time. I tried several OTC medicines and finally had relief with Campho Phenique. However, nothing was working for my husband, who is a type 2 diabetic. After nearly a week we had become quite concerned. He just got on the net, saw the info about finger nail polish, got my clear polish and put it on each bite. It burned like hell but when it stopped burning it no longer itched!


Finger nail polish cakes up over the bight and suffocates the chigger mite and kills it.


Chiggers do not stay in your skin.

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