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Mary Jane

Hello Folks, Just to confirm what others are saying here. I thought I had another skin problem until I saw
a bug come from my itching and dicovered it was LICE !!!! ICK

I never in my almost 60 years had lice
Didnt have the money for OTC meds so
I went looking for alternative treatments as this problem was getting much much worse with very bad headaches and pain due to the on going scratching of my scalp

I tried the vinager and used my brush
to comb it in. Within seconds many many DEAD lice came out of my hair.
They continue to come out of my hair
99% of them dead. I also had success
with the mayo and lemon juice after I used the vinegar. But the vinager the
very best results yet.

I intend to keep using the vinager until all bugs are out and all itching
has gone. Just waiting for the scalp in places to heal. Thanks to others for suggesting this.

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i have been fighting lice with my grandaughter for months.... i am doing the vinagar remedy but i have one question do you wash it out or rinse it out or leave it in the hair for a period of time?

Thank you
Patricia Hammer

e-mail is ....

Lisa V

What type of vinegar do I use? Apple Cider or White and how long do i leave it in? Do I rinse it out then wash hair with soap or do I add the soap b4 i rinse it out? Also do I mix anything else with the viegar to delute it? Please email me asap

Thank you...I ned to get this for my 2 yr old daughter once and for all :(


Vinegar? But it is really strong. what if vinegar damages your hair???

Jessica j

I have a five old and i just found out today he had lice!!!
How much vinegar do i use?
Do i dilute the vinegar pkease help?
Email me at

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