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Ernest Timnge

Distinguish ladies and gentlemen

Thanks very much for all the ideas you have shared in this forum. I was suffereing from an ear blocked that has disturbed me for a week. I was very uncomfortable and nothing seemed nice to me any more. After reading your articles, i wanted to give a try but a coworker asked me to go see a doctor. I think that seeing a doctor is another best option because you may never know what is in that ear. In case of anything, the doctor stands a better chance of giving medical clarification. Always think of the doctor first
I am well now

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I suffered from blocked ears for months, but was determined to discover the true cause of my discomfort. my herbalist was quite adamant that the cause of my blocked ears was 'DAIRY PRODUCTS' He was right! within days of stopping all dairy - all milk, cheeze, protein powder containing whey and yogurt, my ears are clear. I had some ice cream 2 days ago and my ears are blocked again! some people cannot handle digest this food. I am convinced for sure, this is the cause of many of the blocked ears people are suffering from. This is an easy fix.


I had a clogged ear for 4 days and tried all kinds of home remedies that did not work. So my advice is.....go to a doctor I did and got instant relief, well worth hearing clearly and not being frustrated!


What did the doctor say was wrong? What remedy did the dr. offer?


I agree with this article. Having your ears clogged can be a sign of a illness or an infection building up in your ear. I really recommend that you talk to your doctor or physician before trying out anything!


about going to the doctor... stupid advise considering this is a website called 'my home remedies' Why should I consider your advise to be credible if you can't even stay on topic, fuck-pot?

Anonymous doctors needed....I stay away from most of them that's why im on a natural cures website....


Folks, I need your help. I went in for an acupuncture for tinnitus and after my 3rd visit I felt little deaf. The major problem I encountered was that I couldn't comprehend what was spoken and said on the TV. or live and this is my second week into it. I have seen the Naturalpath who has given me an acupuncture to reverse the mucus and asked me stop eating dairy products. Today is the 3rd day and no sign of relief. I can't hear much. I have tried rubbing castor oil behind the ears downward and jumping 10 times every day, so far, it hasn't help. Please suggest what should I do??


See Psalm 103 And -

Keep praying, keep seeking, asking for wisdom + discernment.

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