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My daughter had two plantars warts, which had grown to be nickel sized. One under her toes and another on her heal. Horrible and painful. We've tried everything over several years trying to kill them. Froze em, acid, dermatologists, podiatrists, duct tape, masking tape, even the sap from some tree that grows in Japan. Nothing killed them. My poor nine year old has really suffered and today they are finally gone after 5 days of treatment. Yahoo!!!!!! Thanks to this site!!!! Thank you!!
Here's what we did....
~once daily soak for 20 minutes in Braggs apple cider vinegar. 2cups pure. I warmed it for her. (I bought a gallon jug..still have half of it)
~after the soak, I made a paste of crushed aspirin and apple cider vinegar. I pulled the cotton tips off Q-tips and saturated them with the liquidy paste. Then placed the soaked cotton on the warts. Bandaged the the cotton on. Socks over the top. Waited til bedtime the next day to do it again.
5 DAYS AND THEY ARE GONE. She was able to pick them off with tweezers tonight!!!!
We are sooooo thankful and happy!!!
YAY to natural remedies!!!!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you : D

She did say it was painful the first three nights and had a little trouble sleeping, but she did it!!! Yay!!!

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did you take off the bandage in the morning? how many aspirins?


I saw this and tried it for myself. I have my plantar wart for about a year and within 8 days of doing it just like this, it's gone. The skin has grown back and it's been about a month with no problems. I'm sure it's different with everyone but I believe people didn't have success because they didn't cut into the wart to allow the ACV and aspirin to get in. I also used electrical tape and didn't let it breathe the whole time.


Does anyone know of the wart has to be healed over to work? Mine has cracked open and didn't know what to do??

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