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hey in the last week i had been in total distress because of a yeast infection and after looking over all the remedy's here i looked through the house, and we had NOTHING but salt. i was skeptical but desperate for relief and at that point willing to try ANYTHING. so i got a bowl filled it with hot water and poured some salt in it. then i soaked a rag in the water and put it... well you know. i even recommend putting salt on the rag, yes it will sting a lot! but just rinse off and hold cloth there for maybe 5 minutes cleaning the area. at first i didn't think it helped at all and i actually started crying (it was midnight) so i went back to bed preparing myself to live through it. but within 5-10 minutes the itching and pain was gone! I don't think it will cure infection but it will help you wait it out till morning at least! (Also thought i would mention that another time i tried the garlic thing, it was disgusting i don't recommend, within a minute i could taste garlic and like half an hour later i threw up! but everybody's different i guess) hope this info helps someone... good luck =)

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Thank you for this. Instantly relived.

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