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I had neck pain that progressed into pain in upper back, shoulders and arms. I used to treat it using tennis balls either against the wall or floor to massage all the muscles in my back, shoulders, arms chest and glutes. This would give me relief for a few hours. I thought I might have a disease that caused muscle pain. Fibromyalgia began being mentioned, but I cannot just accept a dx like that. I cut dairy from my diet with a great reduction in pain, but I still could not go anywhere without my backknobber and tennis balls in case the pain became unbearable.

Then a friend convinced me to try her chiropractor. I had tried chiropractors before, so I resisted. Turns out this one is different. This one uses a method called 'Advanced Biostructural Correction.' It has healed my spine! I cannot believe it. I was so worried that back surgery was something I would have to accept in the future. I almost did not try it as there are some naysayers on the web, but I gave it a go anyway and am so grateful I did. It took 8+ months of visits, but relief was much sooner. Now I rarely notice my back. When it starts to feel 'not good' I go in. I don't get back pain anymore.

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