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I don't think of my eczema as a skin disease, but as just a symptom of my food intolerances. I was too impatient with doctors: After my first visit and the only help offered was an rx for a steroid cream and advice to essentially 'live with it,' I did some online research and checked a book out from the library on rotation diets. It was a pain, but I found my food triggers and as long as I don't eat the foods I am intolerant of >once in 4 days, I have no symptoms.

I encourage you to seek your triggers if you want lasting relief. Seek, seek, seek and you will find it. You are more motivated than anyone else to heal YOU!

I appreciate everyone sharing their remedies. I am excited to try out some probiotics to further heal myself. After reading online, there are certain foods that contain more probiotics. And I am lookng into zinc supplements. Lots of great info here. Thank you!

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What book did you read?? Do you remember?? I would love to check it out.


For people that suffer from
-High blood pressure
-Digestive problems
-Urinary tract infection
-Liver and kidney damage
-Varicose veins
-Throat and stomach discomforts(reflux, heart burn)

or for those that are just worried about general well being, i would strongly recommend that you GOOGLE


i read the plant used to make this tea is quite rare and even needs special conditions to reproduce because it doesnt have seeds.

the proffessor that created the the blend has been working with it for 22 years and is driven by the results of his patients

this tea is incredible it changed my life

I was a skeptic when it came to natural remedies but furkan herbal tea has completely lived upto everything i read in the testimonials.
you can even see before and after photos of some of the sufferers of these conditions in their brave testimonials of how they have overcome theyre conditions and how happy both they and theyre family have become.


My baby still only drinks breastmilk... Its really hard to figure out what im eating that is triggering his eczema.. I dunno what to do... :(

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