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Sigurd Strommen

Regarding new cholesterol-lowering medication

During a long-term trip to Thailand in 2007, I came across a plant known by the locals in Chiang Mai to help reduce cholesterol levels in human blood. The locals made tea from the leaves of this specific plant and drank it. I further developed their method, - washed the leaves, cutting them, dried and grounded them to fine powder. I took a teaspoon of approx. 1 gram of this powder, added boiling water, and drank this solution/tea twice a day.

Before starting on this new “medication”, I took eight cholesterol-lowering tablets each day and yet never reached satisfactory cholesterol levels. With this “standard” medication, cholesterol levels should drop to around 4. For me, this never happened.

Even with “standard” medication, I still had cholesterol levels way over limit in between the area of 6.0 to 7.5. This is way too high in addition to all the side effects these tablets gave me (and known to give to other users as well). These included muscle pain and liver related problems.

After a few months of using this new “medication” of twice a day mix of hot water and approx. 1g of grinded powder from the specific plant leaves, cholesterol levels began to drop drastically.

After 4 months I told my doctor that I wanted to reduce my “standard” medication and test the impact of this new mixture. At first my doctor was not happy with this, but concluded that if I checked in with him on a regular basis to have the cholesterol levels checked, he would agree.

As of today I use only one tablet a day of “standard” medication in combination of approx. 1 gram of the above mentioned powder in boiling water twice a day. I have done this for the past 2-3 years and have now reached a stable lower cholesterol level of 4.3 to 5.1 – never achieved before with only “standard” medication.

I have had several meetings with the Lipid Clinic and Leiv Ose, and they express that this is very good news and they are excited by the good results.

I've also been in contact with the research department at Haukeland University Hospital and have received conducted tests on rats. These have also shown remarkable results.

For the last period of time I have been in dialogue with various doctors and medical companies and have received good response on the achieved progress of lowering cholesterol levels based on this “mixture”.

I started the patent examination of the product in 2010 and got the patent approved in August 2011. Furthermore the patent was PCT approved for Europe in February 2012.

In 2011 I established a company in cooperation with my attorney, Siren Preto. The company is named Naturmedical AS.

We are now seeking contact with several natural medicine companies to establish the foundation of distributing our product to the international market.

I have gained access to a larger agricultural area in Thailand, and have for the time being cultured 5 acres of which I now grow the specified plant on. Expanding growth on extended areas is planned.

Naturmedical AS also got an article published in the FH magazine, which got very good response from both individuals and businesses.

People with high cholesterol levels are all ready for new natural cholesterol-lowering medications as there are a lot of side effects on those already on market.

The alternate medication I have extracted is from a natural plant with no additives what so ever and it has had an enormously positive effect on both me and the rest of my team of testers.

The FH magazine now wants to publish a new article including an update on the progress and development of this new medication.

I hope for a positive response and interaction from one or more possible partners who can contribute in helping Naturmedical AS get this great, natural and safe medical product out on the international market.

Best Regards
Sigurd Strømmen

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which type of herbs ? is it available for purchase online?


since you didn't list the herb I suppose this is just spam


This is against this sites policy! You are just trying to get someone to help pay you or become your business partner!

This is not your own personal site to do such a thing!


Why didn't you list that leave, if you want to help people you should list the herb



dr g.ri

cholestrol is good for health.Measuarement of cholestrol is fake and fear of cholestrol is good earning for doctors and medicines manufactures.


Patent from a natural remedy used by people for many centuries?! What has the world come to? Next thing people will not be able to trade in their own produce. This is sick. I really hope you don't succeed with your little venture.

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