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I've suffered from chronic migraines since high school, and I am 30 years old now. A little while ago I discovered Past Tense, which is an Oil Blend of C.P.T.G.(Certified Pure Theraputic Grade) Essential OIls. I had tried oils before and NONE had the effect that these ones did. I was afraid to try these because of the bad experience I had had in the past. My mum tried Past Tense on me and it WORKED!! Also switched it up with a Deep Blue/ Lavender or Peppermint/Get 20% off of retail listed if you become a preferred member and up to 30% off additionally when you enroll in the L.R.P. (loyalty rewards program) depending on order points & longevity. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS TO EVERYONE WITH CHRONIC MIGRAINES OR TENSION HEADACHES! I've also been told Omani Frankinsense works well, but I prefer these others. Hope this helps you too!

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i have used past tense and peppermint. They work well. You just have to know which kind of headache you have, because past tense is more for the tense ones and peppermint is good especially if you get the nausea with it. Very calming.

V Matter

I use the past tense first before reaching for my fioricet. This stuff works well the brand I use is a Doterra brand oil mixture and works most of the time. Be sure to have some coconut oil on hand as well, to rub the area between the outer eye and temple as a blocker from the fumes of the peppermint, because on some people the fumes may irritate ur eyes!!


where did you get the past tense from that you were able to become a member?

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