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This really does work takes a few extra minutes but it helps!


I drink aprox. 1 cup of apple cider vinegar per day. It definitely keeps me from getting ill, but it doesn't do anything for the gas.


After an evening meal of one half a cabbage boiled and topping it off with popcorn, I was in agony. I generally have an iron stomach. Cabbage is tough on me, but I love it. I tried all the physical suggestions, but THE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR worked. The stomach is calming down and the pain is on its way out. THANK YOU.


Everything gives me gas now, I don't understand why. Fruit, veggies, meat, and diary. Because of this, I've become a vegetarian. This morning after having an eggplant bake that included: eggplant, tomatoes, squash, onions and cucumbers; I thought I was on the brink of death.
I could hardly breath or even move, I thought I was going to float away.
I tried the apple cider vinegar followed by 8 oz. of hot water. And it is working wonders. Thank you so much.

Wendy L.

I am so happy I came to this forum. with the Apple Cider vinegar after I stopped CHOKING after the first spoonful, I went and then made a warm cup of water and then added baking soda as another person suggested. Yes I did burp some but you know what NO GAS!!!!!!!!!!


So I did an enema with the Apple Vinegar and washed down two teaspoons of catnip with some hot water. Now I'm stoned and my farts smell like Easter egg die. Any suggestions?


Thank you, THANK YOU for posting this remedy. I have a Lap-Band and while overall it has been a dream come true, tonight I was in serious pain. I ate some sugar-free candies that have caused me has before, but only moderate. Seriously, I would love to send the original poster of this tip a Paypal donation because you saved me a trip to the ER. I was bawling and even vomited from the pain. I took a swig of Apple Cider Vinegarand laid down on my left side. It dissipated enough so I wasn't crying anymore. After a few minutes I took another swig and a few minutes later I am almost pain free. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


this gives me the poops. :x


This made me instantly throw up. Not good.


Please be very careful with the amount and how you ingest Apple Cider Vinegar. It is a wonderful cure for a ton of thing including gas and heartburn. It is however, extremely acidic and when swallowed with out deluding it can cause serious injury to your esophagus and vocal chords. Do your own research and proceed with caution!

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