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Dementia in its simplest form means deterioration of mental functions, which includes memory, orientation, judgment and other intellectual functions. When the illness is well advanced, the diagnosis is obvious. However, at the very beginning of the illness, diagnosis is difficult, as depression, a very treatable disorder, may well be confused with early dementia.
Allopathic treatments do not cure Dementia. They are merely a way of suppressing symptoms.
Ayurveda, Advanced Resonance Homeopathy, Allopathy and Chinese Medicine with modern science will help you to make you from dis-ease to ease.
The homeopathic products like Brain 200,OM 5 Circulation formula,T 6 Brain liquescence and VBC Pro B complex with herbal preparation like Tab Cognium will help by
1. Improving circulation to your brain, your concentration and memory span by balancing left-right brain hemispheres.
2. enhancing memory and cognitive power and relieving mental fatigue and stress by balancing mental and hormonal factors
3. Removing blockages from your blood vessels and facilitates normal circulation, thus improving your symptoms.

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in ayurvedic formulation like syrup granules ,churn,& kada use to increase memory power like bramhi,shakhpushpi,tulsi leaf etc

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