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im not doing this to be funny, marijuana helps a bunch it relaxes your muscles and helps you fall asleep, works every time

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i hear for the ladies smoking some dick works

Lady who researches!

I don't know why people condemn a natural herb and a proven Medicine that helps with so many ailments. But so many would take drugs prescribed by a doctor and those drugs have way more dangerous side effects then Marijuana does. Back in the 80's my mother was dying of leukemia a blood cancer. And the doctor told my mom that marijuana would help her relieve the pain an help her appetite. My mom smoked it drank teas made out of it. And I know for a fact that this Helped her with the pain. People are afraid and condemn this natural medicine because the Government tells you it's bad and the Only reason they do that is because the religious conservatives back in the early 1900's made people scared by using propaganda. Marijuana has been proven by medical scientists to help in so many ailments, and if you do your research there are literally thousands of uses for this plant and its easier to grow and produce. The Government knows this already and the only reason they have not made it legal is because they have not found a way to control it. They know it works that's why they allow some states to set up dispensers that people can use with a doctors prescription. it works and needs to be legal!


Marijuana is a natural herb. If your job drug test, SUCKS!
If you can't handle marijuana, SUCKS!
It's Legal in some states, so for anyone to come on here to bash Marijuana is the definition of BLIND.
Do your research. Your government put all of the prescription pills out and NEVER talk about herbal or natural medicines.
Marijuana being one of them. Indica and Sativa based Tetrahydrocannabinol has been proven to relive headche symptoms greatly. Most of the time my headaches/migraines won't leave until my body rest. Marijuana help me relieve the pains then most use help me to fall asleep. I wake up and my headache is gone.


It's not illegal everywhere. This is a decent suggestion. I don't see what people are getting mad about.


Just had the worst cold of my life (night sweats, sore throat, ect) today is day 3 and woke up with a throbbing headache, as a college student in Hawaii with no health insurance and limited funds my choices for remedies is ramen (which I'm vegetarian so there is only one brand and flavor I can eat) a bundle of lettuce, half a ginger root, beer, or weed. Made a call to dad to see what he suggested, he said makes some ginger tea to soothe my throat then if I had enough weed to make edibles do so, other wise smoke a small bowl and avoid ripping it cause it will hurt my throat more. Well we all dream of having a spare o to cook with so I drank ginger tea, and smoked a Lil, took a nap and bam woke up with it gone (: I have a professional part time job too that drug tests but I know loopholes around it. The THC helps stall the cells in your brain. I'm an honest hard working student, I just find it stupid that the government makes a natural plant proven to be less harmful and addictive as ciggerettes and alcohol for pure capitalistic reasons. I'm not about to change any habits in my personal life, and I have achieved great things in the working world. So yea just saying if your job is holding you back from this remedy find the loopholes.


Im sorry.. lol. I have to laugh at these people who are 'allergic' to marijuana.. u may be.. but nervousness, paranoia, etc isnt a allergic reaction.. its called being stoned out of your dome and your freaking out bc your uncomfortable.. smoke a little more often and you will ne singing new tune. Anyways, I think it makes my headaches worse bc I become tired n cranky. I have foind the pressure points bw index n thumb or pressing between brows with index finger to immediately relieve some of the light and sound sensitivity.


Lol people are ignorant to think 'its illegal so its out of the question' i use MJ every day for everything. Headache, stomach ache, cramp, toothache, eating disorder, ect. Theres many different ways of taking it so you can get only the medical use of it rather than the high. & what better medicine than the most natural one? Try it out people it works wonders
-One happy healthy stoner (:

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